Our cold water fish are treated as family pets, and are kept in perfect water temperatures and professional environments.  When in transportation to venues, we ensure that our fish tolerate minimum stress levels.  


They are positioned in situ as comfortably as possible, with mature water from their original fish tank.


“You can rest assured that our fish are transported and cared for competently”  


We use LED lighting under the base of the bowls, these lights do not cause any impairment to our fish, as the lighting is destabilised and indirectly disseminated using attractive gravels and crystals.


Our bowls are decorated with crystal gems on the outside, and various gravels, acrylic stones, plants, flowers, and silk floral arrangements  - None of our decorative items cause any toxic harm to the fish.


We have more designs arriving shortly!

fish bowl gold fish gold fish gold fish 100_0490 DSCF1420[1] eluminator


Cold Water Fish Centerpieces

Live fish have become popular wedding reception decorations. If you choose this option for your wedding, A1 Balloons 2 Go ensure that your little aquatic cute friend is picked up at the end of your event and returned to our aquarium.  


Live Fish Centerpieces come with the following items as standard

Fish Bowl Twisted Jewellery

Designed by Erica Radcliffe Palfreyman exclusively for A1 Balloons 2 Go

15" Table mirror,

LED Lighting,

Ice Crystals


black moor fish black moor fish black moor fish Sweetpea Bubble Centerpiece
COPYRIGHT Fish Bowl Centerpiece Hire

 Floral Goldfish Bowl Centerpiece – NEW 2009


Nimo Package

(Includes 15” Round Bevelled Table Mirror, LED Vase Illuminater,

Bubble Bowl, Fish,  Designer Bowl Jewellery Crystals,  

Acrylic Ice Crystals & Silk Floral Garland Arrangement.


Dora Package

Includes  LED Vase Illuminater,

Designer Bowl Jewellery, Fish Bowl, Fish,

Acrylic Crystals & Silk Floral Arrangement.)


Gill Package

(Includes LED Vase Illuminater, Fish Bowl, Fish,

and Acrylic Crystals

Jacque Package

(includes Fish Bowl, Fish, and Acrylic Crystals)

There is a set-up and collection charge  of £ 20.00 on each Order,

due to the extra Time allocated to these centerpieces)


Lily Package

(Includes 15” Round Bevelled Table Mirror,

LED Vase Illuminater, Bubble Bowl Crystals,, and floral arrangments


Floating Candle Package

Includes  LED Vase Illuminater ,fish Bowl,  floating candles,  

Acrylic Crystals  Silk Floral Arrangement.)


 Gerbera Package

Includes LED Vase Illuminater, Fish Bowl, Gerberas,

Bubble Bowl Crystals,, and floral arrangments


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